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Use #hash(tags). Be more likable ):-

Maybe your business is not into hashtags. Well, it should be. And your company’s products are hopefully ‘likable’ as well.

Even if you’re lucky enough to have a business with an organically grown social media following, you still need a well thought out plan on how to handle social media conversations. And then there is that pesky little business about content marketing… It’s alot to handle when you are trying to run your business.

That’s where we come in… Your company’s social media marketing department has just arrived. Nice to meet you!

Social Media Strategy

In the words of the Chinese military general Sun Tzu: “Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” That’s why our agency starts your social media program by carefully working with you to unearth what your business objectives and goals are. 

Then we work together to build a killer strategy to accomplish your goals. Lastly, we define the (social media) tactics to execute that strategy. 

Okay.. Not rocket science exactly but it is hard work and, most of the time, the ease of the social media platforms & tools makes it easy to skip the hard thinking and just go right into tactics and execution.

Don’t let that happen to you :)-

So go ahead, take advantage of any, or all, of our social media marketing services including:

  • Social media strategy and marketing plans
  • Social conversation management
  • Content development and publication
  • Social media analytics and brand monitoring

Content Marketing

Your social media marketing program is dead on arrival if you don’t have super interesting, innately ‘sharable’ content. Shares, likes, retweets, and comments are the new digital currency that your company needs to build your online reputation and authority in your industry.

Whether you need help getting a content marketing strategy together or your needs lean more towards content production and execution, we can help. Our agency has the following content marketing services available to you:

  • Content marketing strategy
  • Audience definition, content needs assessment
  • Content inventory
  • Content production and scheduling

Get Started Now

We are excited to work with you in any way possible to make your social media marketing the best it can be! Fill out our contact form or call us at: 816-756-5881.