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Let us handle your PPC. Enjoy your coffee.

Paid search marketing is a real-time bidding game of results and speed and unbelievably data intense. Done wrong, no advertising method will blow out your budget faster. Chances are, your competitors are already bidding against you. If they’ve set up their ppc campaigns well, they could be paying less for the exact same advertising, too. Finally, there is no guarantees of sales.

Your PPC is in Good (Certified) Hands

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Everyone that works on your account maintains up to date certifications in Google AdWords and BingAds including passing exams in AdWords and BingAds fundamentals, search, display advertising and other more advanced features like Shopping advertising and Video advertising. That translates into better performing campaigns for you and assurance that your account will be run and managed according to best practices and standards in search marketing.

As both a Google AdWords and BingAds certified agency, we handle enough business that we have a direct access to agency support at both Google and Bing. We can get your questions or issues resolved instantly. We also have access to new features and functions that only certified, high level agencies can obtain and that means you will be able to take advantage of capabilities that your competition likely can’t.

Your Paid Search Marketing will Benefit from our Methodology

Out of Bounds has been winning the games of PPC and e-commerce marketing with both our local Kansas City and national clients for over a decade. Most of our clients see, and feel, results within days of working with our team.

We use a tried and true method that has stood the test of time:

  • Define objectives, goals and audience
  • Conduct keyword research
  • Define correct campaign types and ad types (search, call only, display, remarketing)
  • Design account structure and campaigns
  • Get your sign off
  • Launch
  • Optimize

Our Automated Tools Save you Money

Our automated reporting and management tools are based on using customized Google AdWords scripts.  Unlike other agencies, you are not paying us to do the routine tasks that computers are great at doing automatically! Our proprietary programs automate many of the things that other agencies do manually:

  • bid management of keywords
  • bid management of devices, locations or any number of other facets
  • weekly, daily, monthly reports pushed automatically to google sheets

That leaves us more time to do the things humans do best: coming up with new insights into what is working for your company and then providing you with new strategies to continue to grow your ppc program and deliver better ROI.

What are you waiting for? Contact us now for a free ppc audit of your existing programs.